Covid, the lockdown, and you. (Cross-post from The Patchwork Fox)

Originally posted by the wonderful Hazel at The Patchwork Fox. Please pay her a visit, she’s amazing. The army are manning the streets, food is rationed and we’re barred in our homes to protect us from an invisible killer, relentlessly targeting both the young and old indiscriminately. Our friends and family are not to beContinue reading “Covid, the lockdown, and you. (Cross-post from The Patchwork Fox)”

My Biggest Regret (aka where I nearly apologise for being a dick occasionally)

I’ve been trying to pen some of my thoughts on my mental health for about 6 years now. As you can tell, it’s been a productive period and I’ve been entirely successful. Or something. I was asked yesterday what my biggest regret in life has been. There have been a few, but once I startedContinue reading “My Biggest Regret (aka where I nearly apologise for being a dick occasionally)”

So your friend has depression.

I’m a chronic optimist. It might sound a little odd, then, that I’m about to try and put down in pixels some of the painful realities of living with severe depression, but in my more lucid, upbeat moments it does grant me a little clarity. The clouds part, all too briefly, and a beam ofContinue reading “So your friend has depression.”

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